Jenny Lewinsky Facebook Group Pictures

These are some of the pictures that I used to help promote Jenny Lewinsky on Facebook. The goal was to show adult content creators how to market on Facebook and not get banned or put in Facebook jail. Click here to check it out for yourself!  You will be redirected to our Facebook Fanpage and you can […]

Jenny Lewinsky Rubbing Down Her Friend’s Booty!

This is one of Jenny Lewinsky’s tweets where she is rubbing down her friend’s booty! It starts out with her rubbing what looks to be lotion or some type of white cream, between her hands. She starts to rub it all over her friend’s butt and thighs. Making sure she gets deep in between her […]

Jenny Lewinsky Oily Booty, Standing Seduction!

In this tweet, Jenny Lewinsky is standing up, butt naked, rubbing her booty with oil on it! It starts out with Jenny standing up with her hands on her waist. She slowing moves her hands down her PHAT oily butt and back up again! The camera moves to a different angle as Jenny spreads her […]

Jenny Lewinsky On Stage Shaking Her A$$ On Top Of Fellow Stripper!

Jenny Lewinsky is on stage with two other strippers. The video begins with Jenny on top of one of them, shaking her a$ in her face! The stripper on the bottom is smacking, rubbing her booty, and smiling the whole time. The third stripper get in a couple of smacks but I guess that wasn’t […]

Jenny Lewinsky In Daisy Dukes, Going Grocery Shopping

Jenny Lewinsky is out in public at a grocery store doing some shopping! The video is only eleven seconds but it’s enough to watch her butt cheeks switch back and forward! I wish they didn’t cut the video short. In the end, it looked like she was just about to bend over and get something. […]

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